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Mineral Processing Equipment

Wet pan mill

Product introduction
wet pan mill full name wet grinding machine, according to the different operating methods, divided into roller gold machine, mixed mercury grinding, grinding machine, electric milling.According to the different structure, divided into wheel mill, double gun, three gun grind.The wet-milling machine is based on the ancient stone mill, and has been developed through modernization.For a variety of ferrous metals, non-ferrous metals, non-metallic mineral grinding operations, as well as dilute precious metals, gold and silver grinding, selection, processing operations, is the majority of small and medium-sized concentrator, milling plant the best first grinding equipment.

Working principle
The equipment is mainly composed of power plant, frame, water basin, roller wheel, ring and other components. The use of wheel-driven grinding working mode:First, the motor will drive to the reducer, driven by the reducer, through the large vertical shaft will be passed to the upper horizontal axis, and then installed at both ends of the horizontal rod transmission to the roller wheel, so that the roller to generate driving force,Do counterclockwise rotation along the horizontal axis, while working roller wheel can revolve around the large vertical shaft of the wet mill, and rotate around the center axis of the roller wheel, and the ring is fixed.
Processing Details
1.CNC automatic cutting machine:Cutting surface of steel plate more smooth and steel plate size more accurate;
2.Rolling machine:better effect;the end parts are well connected;time&labor-saving;
3.Carbon dioxide arc welding:high temperature;the welding seam is smooth and the welding joint is durable;no slurry leakage from the joint;Electrochargeable liquid helps avoid iron liquid scattering around when welding and makes the outlook perfect;

Water Basin

    Steel Plates
    Steel plate thickness 5mm;China Natinal Standard;the weight is around 310kg,about 5%-15% heavier than that of other suppliers;


    There 4 pieces of steel plates are welded to each other;the joints are well connected;the surface is smooth on the whole and good when machine working;but it consumes more steel plates;


    Well fabricated and bears more weight; easy and safe to install; and shows the workmanship of our experienced workers.


    Steel Plates
    16#,10# U-bar; China National Standard; the weight is around 280kg, about 5-10% heavier than that from other suppliers; Supporting legs are integrated; more durable;


    Upper Center Support
    Center support 16# U-bar; connection is stronger and bears more weight, which prevents frame out of shape.


    Shell of reducer is castable, thickness is 20mm,surface is smooth and level.


    ZWZ brand; filled with oil; long working life;


    Adopt high frequency quench; increases hardness of surface; long service life;


    Steel plates
    Weight is 500kg, about 5%-10% heavier than that of other factory;

Model Gauge (mm) 
Feed Size
Engine power 
Rotation speed 
1600A 1600×400×200×500±20 ≤25 6-30 20-22 14.5
1500A 1500×350×200×460±20 ≤25 6-22 20-22 13.3
1500B 1500×350×150×460±20 ≤25 6-22 20-22 12.3
1500C 1500×300×150×420±20 ≤25 6-22 20-22 11.3
1400A 1400×250×150×350±20 ≤25 6-18.5 16-18 8.5
1400B 1400×250×150×350±20 ≤25 6-18.5 21-23 8.5
1350A 1350×250×150×350±20 ≤25 6-18.5 16-18 8
1350B 1350×250×150×350±20 ≤25 6-18.5 21-23 8
1300A 1300×250×150×350±20 ≤25 6-15 16-18 7.5
1300B 1300×200×150×350±20 ≤25 4-15 21-23 7.5
1200A 1200×220×80×270±20 ≤25 6-7.5 17-19 5.5
1200B 1200×200×80×250±20 ≤25 6-7.5 23-25 5.5
1100A 1100×200×80×250±20 ≤25 6-7.5 17-19 5
1100B 1100×180×80×250±20 ≤25 4-7.5 23-25 5
1000 1000×200×80×250±20 ≤25 4-7.5 13-15 4.5