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Mineral Processing Equipment

Wet process magnetic separator

Product introduction
The Wet process magnetic separator is one of the most widely used and highly versatile models in the industry. It is used in the removal of iron powder in powdered granules. The magnetic separator is suitable for magnetite and magnetic yellow iron with a particle size of 3 mm or less. Wet magnetic separation of minerals, roasted ore, ilmenite, etc., is also used in iron removal operations for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials

working principle
After the ore slurry flows into the tank body through the feeding box, under the action of the water flow of the ore-supplying water pipe, the ore grains are loosened and enter the feeding zone of the tank body. In the action of a magnetic field, the magnetic ore particles magnetically aggregate to form a "magnet group" or "magnetic chain", and the "magnet group" or "magnetic chain" is subjected to a magnetic force in the slurry to move toward the magnetic pole and is adsorbed on the cylinder. . Since the polarities of magnetic poles are alternately arranged in the direction of rotation of the cylinder and they are fixed during operation, when the “magnet group” or “magnetic linkage” rotates with the cylinder, magnetic stirring occurs due to alternating magnetic poles and is mixed. Non-magnetic minerals such as gangue in the "magnet group" or "magnetic flux" are detached during turning, and the "magnet group" or "magnet" finally absorbed on the surface of the cylinder is the concentrate. Concentrate with the cylinder to the magnetic system at the edge of the weakest magnetic, under the action of the rinsing water jet flushing discharge into the concentrate tank, if it is a magnetic magnetic roller, unloading is carried out with the brush roller. Non-magnetic or weakly magnetic minerals are left in the slurry as tailings out of the slurry.

1. Good sorting effect: As the machine adopts dynamic magnetic system design, the mineral material slides on the surface of the drum, displaces and tumbling, and the drum does not stain material, which is beneficial to the sorting of materials. The primary grade can be increased by 1-4 times, and the quality of a selection is once. Up to 60%.

2. Large processing capacity: since the machine uses a wrapped open magnetic system, the materials do not form a mass, and there is no clogging, so the processing power is high. The processing power of a single magnetic separator can reach 50 tons or more. And also several machines can be used in parallel, which can double the output.

3. Adapting to a wide range of industries: you can meet the needs of many industries, such as iron ore, river sand, tailings, steel slag, steel ash, sulfuric acid slag, abrasives, refractories, board, rubber, food, etc. Some of the equipment is also multi-purpose.
Model Dimension of Tube Capacity 
Rotating Speed
CTB44 400×400 3 1.1 45
CTB46 400×600 5 1.1 45
CTB66 600×600 16 1.1 40
CTB69 600×900 24 1.1 40
CTB612 600×1200 32 2.2 40
CTB618 600×1800 48 2.3 40
CTB712 750×1200 48 3 35
CTB718 750×1800 72 3 35
CTB1050 1050×1800 95 4 30