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Mineral Processing Equipment

Centrifugal gold concentrator

BLSTL centrifugal concentrator, also known as gold-selecting machine, is a kind of centrifugal ore dressing equipment. It is suitable for the recovery of monomer gold and other kinds of metal ores in Placer gold  and  lode gold  With longer break times, higher enrichment ratios and very low concentrate yields can be obtained. Placer gold's recovery rate can reach more than 95%. When the fineness of the monomer gold in vein gold is less than 0.074mm, the recovery rate of monomer gold is more than 98%.
working principle
Centrifugal concentrator is in the gravity field, the use of centrifugal force generated by the rotation of the conical drum to increase the positive sedimentation speed of the ore, that is, the density of the mineral particles in the centrifugal field settlement velocity is greater than the light mineral settlement velocity, thus strengthening The ore re-election process. Equipment includes mainframe and electric control box, water filter (without frequency converter). It is required that the solid particles in the backwash water quality should not exceed 0.5mm, and the backwash water pressure range should be 0.05~0.3mpa. The maximum size of raw materials is not more than 5mm, and the concentration of raw material pulp is 20-40%.

1. Centrifugal concentrator is more effective for the treatment of micro slime, and the recovery rate for grain fractions of 37 to 19 micron is as high as about 90%, because the separation of mineral grains in a centrifugal concentrator is based on the combined effect of centrifugal force and lateral flow membrane. , so the total enrichment ratio is higher than the plane gravity chute;

2. Centrifugal concentrator uses the effect of centrifugal force, thus strengthening the re-election process and shortening the sorting time. Therefore, the processing capacity is large, about 10 times that of the automatic chute.

3. Small footprint, high degree of automation.
Feeding Capacity  T/H 1-2 2-3 10-20 30-40 50-80
Fluidization Water Required T/H 1-2 4-6 10-15 20-30 17-25
Pressure water Mpa 0.05-0.1 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.2 0.1-0.3
Feeding Density % 10-50 10-50 10-50 10-50 10-50
Feeding Size mm 0-4 0-4 0-5 0-6 0-6
Bowl Cone Rotation Speed r/min 800 600 480 400 360
Concentrate Capacity Kg 2-3 10-20 25-40 45-60 70-80
Motor Power Requirements KW 0.75 1.5 4 11 18.5
Approximate Weight Kg 160 600 1400 2200 3700
Approximate Dimensions mm 940×700×1000 1200×1250×1250 1850×1550×1600 2000×1800×1900 2300×2000×2300