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Screw conveyor

Product Introduction
Screw conveyor is the main unit of mechanized transportation in various departments of industry and agriculture. It can reduce the labor intensity and improve the working efficiency. is suitable for conveying powdered, granular and small materials such as pulverized coal, cement, mineral sand, furnace ash, lime, chemical fertilizer, soda, salt, sugar, grain, starch, cotton, malt, feed, sawdust, etc. Therefore, in cement plants, fertilizer plants, chemical plants, iron plants, mines, sugar factories, paper mills, Vinelon plant, feed companies, water conservancy workshops are used more.

Working Principle
When the material is added to a fixed machine slot, because of the gravity of the material and the friction between the machine slot and the material, the material accumulated in the lower part of the machine slot does not rotate with the helical body, but moves forward only under the push of the rotating spiral blade. Like the non-rotating nut moving along the rotating screw, the purpose of conveying the material is achieved. The machine is convenient for multi-point loading and unloading, and the mixing, stirring or cooling functions can be completed simultaneously during the transportation process. Sensitive to overload, easy to jam, crushing loss to material, simple structure of horizontal screw conveyor, easy installation and maintenance and fault treatment. Suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined continuous and uniform transportation of loose materials.
Product Feature
The screw conveyor has the advantages of simple structure, small cross section size, good sealing, reliable work, low manufacturing cost, convenient for intermediate loading and unloading, and can be transported in reverse direction or in opposite direction at the same time. In the process of transportation, the materials can be stirred, mixed, heated and cooled, and the flow of materials can be adjusted by loading and unloading gate, but it is not suitable to transport the materials that are easy to deteriorate, sticky, agglomerate and bulk.The material is easy to be broken in the course of conveying, the screw and the material slot are easy to wear; the unit power is high; the seal of the material slot and the proper gap between the screw and the material slot should be kept in use.
Model Transmission Length 
Coal Capacity Cement Capacity Raw material 
GX200 3-70 8.5 7.9 7.3  5.5 0.7
GX250 3-70 16.5 15.6 13.8  7.5 0.95
GX300 3-70 20 19 18.7  7.5 1.4
GX400 3-70 54 51 45.0  11 2.1
GX500 3-70 79 76 74.0  15 3.2