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Oil Oress Machine

The screw oil press is scientific in design, reasonable in structure, simple in operation, safe and stable. It takes only a few minutes to complete the screw oil press from feeding to finished products with automatic device. It is made of high carbon steel by high frequency quenching and heat treatment. It has high hardness, high strength and good wear resistance. It is suitable for high temperature and high pressure continuous operation, and improves the service life of oil press. It can be used for decades. The machine adopts the principle of multi-stage progressive pressure, which makes the pressure of the chamber increase rapidly, makes the oil separated by one-time fission.
1.characteristic by simple design, easy to operate and maintenance
2.Cast iron machine base
3.High productivity,energy saving and labour saving
4.Special gear box structure make the rotating speed averagely
5.Compact structure, stable functions
6.Main parts of chamber through the processing of high-temperature tempering and low temperature quenching;
7.Compact structure, stable function.
Model JMS-50 JMS-80 JMS-110 JMS-130 JMS-180 JMS-240 JMS-300
Final size of products 2-50
Capacity (t/h) 0.005-0.03 0.1-0.5 0.3-1.2 0.4-2.0 0.8-6.0 4.0-12 6.0-25
Mainpower(kw) 1.5/1.1 4 7.5 11月15日 18.5/22 37/45 75/90
Dimension Length(mm) 520 685 700 975 981 1319 1440
Width(mm) 250 335 430 456 476 500 630
Height(mm) 555 928 1000 1054 1124 1276 1420
Weight(kg) 70 210 300 400 420 1000 1600