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Screening & Feeding Equipment

SZF linear vibrating screen

Product Introduction
The linear vibrating screen uses the vibrating motor excitation as the vibration source to make the material be thrown up on the screen and move forward in a straight line at the same time, the material enters the feed port of the sieve evenly from the feeder. A plurality of sieve objects of various specifications are generated through a multi-layer sieve screen, and are discharged from their exits respectively. Low energy consumption, high output, simple structure, easy maintenance, completely closed structure, no dust spill, automatic discharge, more suitable for assembly line operation.
Working Principle
The linear vibrating screen is driven by a double vibrating motor. When the two vibrating motors are synchronous and rotating in reverse, the exciting force generated by the eccentric block cancels each other in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor, and is stacked as a force in the direction perpendicular to the motor shaft.Therefore, the motion trajectory of the screen machine is a straight line. The two electrical shafts have a dip angle relative to the screen surface. Under the combined action of the exciting force and the self-gravity of the material, the material is thrown up on the screen surface to move forward in a straight line, so that the material can be screened and classified. It can be used to realize automation in pipeline. The utility model has the characteristics of low energy consumption, high efficiency, simple structure, easy maintenance and no dust spills in the closed structure.
Product Feature
1、Stable and reliable, low consumption, low noise, long life, stable mode and high screening efficiency.
2、The screen machine is designed skillfully and is easy to assemble, one person can operate the screen machine.
3、It has large screening area and high efficiency processing ability.
4、A unique screen structure designed to facilitate and quickly replace the screen (only 3 to 5 minutes), in addition to this design allows the use of a variety of sieve (nylon, special dragon, PP mesh, etc.).
5、Its mother net fully supports the fine net, so the fine net can get a longer life, and reduce the use of fine mesh consumables, prolong the production process, and reduce many costs.
Model Dimension
Input Size
Layer Power
SZF520 500×2000 0.074~10 0°~7° 4~8 1~5 2×(0.4~0.75)
SZF525 500×2500 2×(0.4~0.75)
SZF530 500×3000 2×(0.75~1.1)
SZF535 500×3500 2×(0.75~1.1)
SZF1020 1000×2000 2×(0.75~1.5)
SZF1025 1000×2500 2×(1.1~1.5)
SZF1030 1000×3000 2×(1.5~1.8)
SZF1035 1000×3500 2×(1.5~2.2)
SZF1040 1000×4000 2×(1.5~2.2)
SZF1225 1200×2500 2×(1.5~2.2)
SZF1230 1200×3000 2×(1.8~3)
SZF1235 1200×3500 2×(1.8~3)
SZF1530 1500×3000 2×(2.2~3)
SZF1535 1500×3500 2×(2.2~3)
SZF1540 1500×4000 2×(2.2~4)