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Screening & Feeding Equipment

GZD vibrating feeder

Product Introduction
The vibrating feeder is used in the production process, it can send the massive and granular materials from the storage bunker into the receiver bin equably, regularly and continuously. It can feed the crushing machinery continuously and uniformly, and conduct coarse screening on the materials in the sand production line. It is widely used in metallurgical, coal mine, mineral processing, building materials, chemical, abrasive and other industries of crushing, screening equipment.
Working Principle
The vibration feeder is the motion of the centrifugal force by rotating the eccentric block in the vibrator, so that the moving parts such as the box and the vibrator can be forced into a continuous circle or approximate circular motion. The vibrating feeder is composed of feeding trough body, exciter, spring support and transmission device. The vibration source for the vibration of the tank body is the exciter. The exciter is composed of two eccentric shafts (main and passive) and a gear pair. The motor drives the drive shaft through the V-belt, and then the gear on the drive shaft meshes with the drive shaft. The main and the drive shafts rotate in the opposite direction at the same time to make the tank body vibrate and make the material continuously flow to achieve the purpose of conveying the material.
Product Features
1、Smooth vibration, reliable operation.
2、Adjustable grid clearance
3、 More wear-resistant parts.
4、Special grille design to prevent material clogging
5、Prevent wear-resistant parts from being worn out by small materials, separate out small materials, and increase production
6、 Optional frequency conversion speed control motor, adjust the frequency, thus changing the output, easy to control the amount of feed, without starting the motor frequently.
7、 High start-up frequency
(1)Consider the whole production line, soften the pressure of the jaw crusher and impact crusher.
(2)Avoid starting high power equipment frequently .
Model  Feeding Size
Cell dimension
Overall Dimension 
GZD-650*2300 300 80 1.1*2 2.8 650*2300 2300*1360*780
GZD-750*2500 350 100 1.1*2 3.3 750*2500 2500*1460*780
GZD-850*3000 400 120 3*2 3.6 850*3000 3110*1800*1600
GZD-1000*3600 500 150 5.5*2 3.9 1000*3600 3850*1950*1630
GZD-1100*4200 580 240 5.5*2 4.2 1100*4200 4400*2050*1660
GZD-1100*4900 580 280 7.5*2 4.6 4900*1100 5200*2050*1700
GZD-1300*4900 650 450 11*2 5.2 4900*1300 5200*2350*1750
GZD-1500*5600 1050 450-800 12*2 7.5 1500*5600 5700*2000*1750