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Screening & Feeding Equipment

Electro-vibrating feeder

Product Introduction
The electromagnetic vibration feeder is used to supply the material uniformly or quantitatively from the storage bin or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment. It is a necessary equipment for automatic production line. It can be divided into two types: open type and closed type. According to the installation method can be divided into hanging type and desktop and so on. The electromagnetic vibration feeder has the advantages of simple structure, convenient operation, no need of moistening, low power consumption, and can be adjusted evenly, so it has been widely used.Generally used for loose materials. According to the requirements of equipment performance, the pressure on the tank body should be minimized in the configuration design. According to the requirements of the manufacturer, the effective outlet of the storage material should not be larger than 1/4 of the slot width, and the flow velocity of the material should be controlled at 6-18m / min. For materials with a large amount of feed, A block plate of sufficient height shall be set at the bottom discharge of the silo; in order not to affect the performance of the feeder, the stop plate shall not be fixed on the trough body. In order for the silo to discharge smoothly.
Working Principle
The whole system of electromagnetic vibration feeder works in the state of low critical resonance. The electromagnetic exciter is mainly used to drive the slot body to make reciprocating vibration with a certain inclination angle, which makes the material move along the slot. In the positive half cycle of alternating current, the pulsating current flows through the coil and produces a pulsating electromagnetic suction between the iron core and the armature, which causes the tank body to move backward, the main spring of the exciter deforms and stores the potential energy; in the negative half period, there is no current passing through the coil. The electromagnetic force disappears, and the armature is separated from the electromagnet under the action of the spring force, so that the slot moves forward, so that the slot continuously vibrates with the frequency of the AC power supply.

    The electric control of electromagnetic vibration feeder adopts half-wave rectifier circuit, which can adjust feed quantity stepless, and can be used in the production process of automatic control to realize the automation of production process.


    No rotating parts, no lubrication, simple structure and convenient maintenance.


    Electromagnetic vibration feeder can be made of suitable plate, can be used to transport high temperature wear and corrosive materials and so on.


    Electromagnetic vibration feeder material is micro-throwing motion, the material slot wear is small.

Model Capacity 
Max Feed Size
Double amplitude
GZ1 5 50 1.75 60 1.9-2.2 75
GZ2 10 60 1.75 150 1.9-2.2 155
GZ3 25 70 1.75 200 1.9-2.2 225
GZ4 50 100 1.75 450 1.9-2.2 460
GZ5 100 150 1.75 650 1.9-2.2 656